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PostSubject: THE RULES (TWL) PART 1   THE RULES (TWL) PART 1 EmptyFri Jun 13, 2008 4:28 pm

January 13, 2008

Number of Players: 5
Number of maps: 3
Number of squads: 2
Defending team picks 1st and 3rd map
Attacking team picks 2nd map
Defending team picks side on 2nd map
Attacking team picks side on 1st and 3rd map

In Case Of Gun Game Bugs
Please contact an admin with specifics about the bug you have found in the Gun Game mod so that our staff can let the creator of the mod know about the problem and fix it.

How You Win
The winning team is determined by the player who score the knife kill winning the map. The team which wins 2 out of 3 maps will be the winner of the match.


Game Version

The latest version of Counter-Strike: Source provided by Valve must be used. Valve will offer the latest version using Steam and it is up to the individual player to make sure they have the most recent patch downloaded and installed prior to match time.



Each clan is allowed a dead round to sort out strategy for the current map. Each team is given a 3 minute dead round.


Steam ID's

ALL players must have a valid Steam ID number and that number must be recorded in the player profile prior to joining competition. If this number is not in your profile or incorrectly entered, you will be temporarily suspended from competition until the problem is resolved. See the following link on how to obtain and add your Steam ID to your player profile: Click Here.

It is the OPPOSING team's responsibility to verify Steam ID's BEFORE THE MATCH. Playing a match will concede the roster and invalid Steam ID's will not result in an overturned match. The only exception to this is if there is a proven SMURF (registered with another team) post-match. Simply being ineligible will not result in an overturned win or forfeit of the match once it has been played. The ineligible player will be punished as listed below, but the match will not be overturned.

Note: All Steam IDís should be formatted as x:x:xxxxxx, if a Steam ID is missing any part the player will be considered ineligible for the match.


Player Names

You must play on the server with the name you are registered with. For example, if you are registered as TotalCarnage and a member of Team HiFi then you should show up at |HiFi|TotalCarnage. The use of completely different names is not permitted and will result in the ineligibility of the player for the match. It is understood by TWL that some players have had to add special characters or numbers after their name to register. Please use common sense when determining who players are. Should you have a dispute please contact an admin.



Before each map begins, a screenshot round is required to help ensure fair play by both teams. Both teams need to peacefully meet at a location on the map during the warm-up round to take the required screenshots. Each player is responsible for taking any number of screenshots which include at least one counter terrorist and terrorist model with a fully developed smoke grenade in the background. Also, the scoreboard (default key is "tab") and net_graph 3 (type "net_graph 3" in console) are both required to be enabled for each these screenshots.

Captains from both teams are required to take additional screenshots. Before the match starts, the hosting team's captain must take an "rcon status" screenshot (type "rcon status" in the console and take a screenshot of it) and the visiting captain must take a status screenshot (type "status" in the console and take a screenshot of it). Additionally, the captain on both teams must take end of map (knife kill) screenshot of the scoreboard.

All screenshots must be taken with the in game "jpeg" command (default key is "F5") and are required to be kept by all players for a minimum of two weeks.

Players who do not submit screenshots or submit altered screenshots when requested by TeamWarfare staff will be subject to the penalties outlined in Demo Requirements.

Screenshot Summary and Procedure

* To restart the warm-up round, you will have to run an mp_changelevel command

* All matches should use the twlcssgg.cfg config

* The warm-up round should be used to complete the SS

* lo3 will not work, so the match will go live after the warm-up round is over

* CT and T models with smoke background

* Scoreboard

* Console screenshot with status (Captain)

* Screenshot of the scoreboard after the knife kill has been obtained(Captain)



* VERY IMPORTANT: teams MUST disable ES_tools and mattie for regular matches and scrims. Instructions to do this are included in the server file download


Player Info

# All players must use the default player and weapon models/skins. The default hostages, bombs, grenades and all items must be the default ones. The same applies to sounds.

Custom Huds are allowed as in font, font color, font size, and hud arrangement. If at any time TWL finds that something can be coded into a custom hud to give a player an in game advantage, we will revert back to stock huds.

Players must use the default sprite files.

The in game variable r_drawviewmodel must be set to 1 (on).

No sprays of any kind are allowed from the moment of joining the server, especially those with pornographic or demeaning content. Usage of sprays is considered unsportsmanlike conduct and will be dealt with as such.
Tactical use of sprays (such as sprays that resemble an object of the game such as player models, gun models, bomb/grenade models, etc are illegal) is seen as exploiting and will be dealt with as other exploits.

Unsportsmanlike conduct during matches will not be tolerated by TeamWarfare. If an admin is called in to resolve an issue regarding unsportsmanlike conduct the judgment/punishment will be swift, efficient and final. We here at Teamwarfare suggest you conduct yourselves accordingly. Sportsmanship issues will result in the following punishments (except in certain situations that merit further punishment).

* 1st Offense: Warning letter.

* 2nd Offense: Player(s) suspended for 15 days.

* 3rd Offense: Player(s) suspended for 30 days, team drop of 30% of ladder rungs.

Racist or sexist remarks will not be tolerated.
Simple, straight forward... Play nice.

Buy scripts are legal.

Penalties of any of the above may include but not be limited to forfeiture of the match.

Dropped players

If a player drops from play during the warm-up round, the match is to be stalled until the player returns (within the regular limits mentioned under "failure to appear") at which point the match is restarted. Dropped players during live rounds are considered casualties of war. The match will continue and the team with the dropped player(s) will continue one or more players short until the dropped player returns or they find a rostered substitute to join (see Player Substitutions).

Abuse of this rule with the intent to ghost, drop weapons, rejoin after a death, etc., will not be tolerated. Penalties for this include the overturning of rounds and/or matches.


Demo Requirement

Due to rampant cheating that is now plaguing competitive gaming, every player is required to demo every match. Your demo must include all screenshot rounds or it will be considered incomplete and subject to the punishments outlined below. These demos are to be handed over to a TeamWarfare admin upon request, where they will be subject to review by multiple TeamWarfare admins. Demos are to be held no less than 2 weeks after the match date. There are consequences for not producing demos when asked. We are looking for very specific things and demos will not be requested unless you are accused of cheating and the accuser has ample proof that you are cheating.

* 1st Offense - 15-day suspension of player involved. Team forfeits match

* 2nd Offense - 30-day suspension of player, 15-day suspension of team involved. Team forfeits match, drops 25% of the ladder.

* 3rd Offense - 60-day suspension of player, 30-day suspension of team. Team forfeits match, drops 100% of the ladder.

* 4th Offense - Player banned from TeamWarfare, Team disbanded.

Additionally, once a match has concluded and been reported, TeamWarfare staff may launch it's own investigation. Players will be required to submit demos, if requested, to TeamWarfare staff at anytime during the 2 week "demo retainer" timeframe for the purpose of investigating player activity after the match has been reported. These demos that are requested will be reviewed by the ladder admin and the SysAdmin. If players are found in violation of any set rules they will be held accountable for those actions. Punishment for those actions may vary depending on the nature of the issue. Teams where the player competed on will not be subject to any punishment but this may also vary dependant on the severity of the issue. Players not submitting demos when requested by TeamWarfare staff will be subject to the following discipline (THIS WILL REMAIN THE SOLE DISCRETION OF THE TEAMWARFARE STAFF).

* 1st Offense - 30 day suspension of player.

* 2nd Offense - 60 day suspension of player.

* 3rd Offense - Player banned from TeamWarfare.

record demofilename
playdemo demofilename (This is for playback.)
DO NOT use / in the demo name it will not record.

Demos are saved in a similar directory with the file extension .dem: C:\Steam\SteamApps\account_name\counter-strike source\cstrike

Disputes will be thrown out if the disputor is unable to provide all requested files from an admin. This includes screenshots and demos.


Server Selection

The defending team will have choice of server for the 1st and 3rd map. The attacking team will have server choice for the 2nd map. Teams may agree to use a single server for the entire match.

If a server change is made at any point during a match both teams are responsible for taking new screenshots and starting new demos following the procedures listed under the Screenshots section and Demo Requirement section of the rules.

Server choice must adhere to the criteria listed in Server Info.


Server Info

Matches must be played on servers running the most current version of Counter-Strike: Source offered by Valve and the TeamWarfare associated maps. The match must be played on a dedicated server connected to at least a T1 connection. Listen servers are unacceptable. Cable, DSL, Satellite, or other broadband connections are not acceptable.

VAC2 must be enabled and the server must be running the most recent stable version of zBlock. sv_pure 2 must also be set on the server.

The server must be running Matties Script (Download Link)
The server must be running Turbo Gun Game (Download Link)

*** Install and setup for mattie and turbo required ***

Server preference and choices are communicated through the "Match Communication" Portion of your Team Admin Console. All matches must be played on a server that has the ability to be password protected and capable of handling up to 12 players. All members should be able to connect to the server. Server disputes must be handled before match completion. Disputing a server after a match has been played will result in the dispute being thrown out.

In the event of a major ping discrepancy (+/- 50 ms average difference between teams), the match should be played on the opposing teams server or a neutral server must be used unless both teams agree that the match should proceed.

56K players will not be subject to the ping rule and should not be used in the calculation of the average ping.

All servers must be posted in the online match communications 24 hours prior to the match time with an IP and password so that the other team can test the server connection for lag and game play issues. If no attempt is made to offer a server for your team, and the opposing team has offered a server, the entire match may be played on the opposing team's server per their request. In case of a server crash, the unfinished rounds are to be completed with the past score in mind. Please be sure to pay attention to the score in case of a difficulty of the server. It is important to prevent disputes by being aware. Teams need to make sure that they can get access to the server logs in a timely manner in case of dispute.

Servers must follow the following TeamWarfare approved config settings:

Team Info

To be eligible to challenge on the ladder you must have 5 registered members on your team. Players must be registered with an attacking team before a challenge is issued to be considered eligible for play. Players must be registered with a defending team before a challenge is accepted to be considered eligible for play.

The standard number of players is 5. If a team cannot field 4 members, they must forfeit the match. Teams may NOT agree to play with more.

The two week minimum roster requirement is 5. The maximum roster you may have is 19.

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Posts : 124
Join date : 2008-06-10
Age : 33
Location : baton rouge, la

PostSubject: PART 2   THE RULES (TWL) PART 1 EmptyFri Jun 13, 2008 4:32 pm

Player Substitutions

At anytime during the match, any number of player substitutions are allowed. Since opposing teams are unable to check the legitimacy of the substituted player, any round played with an unrostered or ineligible player will be overturned. No substitution should ever result in a team having more than 5 players in the server at one given time. Substituted players must begin their demos immediately upon connecting to the server.

If a player is substituted in during the first half, the replacement MUST get the required screenshots immediately at the end of the first half. This will mean that there are two screenshot rounds at the half- one for the substituted player and another for the beginning of the second half. If a player is substituted in during the second half, the replacement MUST get the required screenhots at the end of the match. Opposing teams must allow for the extra screenshot round, or they may face unsportsmanlike conduct penalties and risk their ability to dispute that player.

The substituted player must not bring the teams out of the 50ms average ping discrepancy (see Server Info) or rounds may be overturned.

Once a substitution has been made, both leaders need to get a new "status" or "rcon status" screenshot.

Exploiting the game is illegal and will be considered cheating if used in a match. Do not assume that the use of a bug or game engine flaw is legal. Contact the lead admin if you have any questions.

The use of CVARs that give any player an unfair advantage over another player is not allowed during match play. An example of allowable CVARs would be an FPS tweak such as removing dead bodies. An example of an illegal CVAR would be turning off an environmental part of the game such as fog or rain which would clearly give the player an advantage over another. Anything that would make a Flash or a Smoke less effective would be seen as an exploit, similar with changing your sounds to give an advantage. Texture tweaks that in turn change the behavior of hit boxes are not acceptable. Basically common sense is required as to what would be deemed legal or illegal. The decision lies with the TeamWarfare admins and the use of an illegal CVAR will be considered a game exploit. If you are unsure of a CVAR, please contact the lead admin to get an official ruling.

Boosting or "superman boosting" with any number of players is legal. It is not legal to boost if the map is being exploited by positioning players in locations not within the map. It is not legal to boost a player to the point where he/she remains within the map but is able to view areas not intended to be seen from that location. Smoke (or any other grenade) boosting is NOT legal and will be processed as an exploit.

Planting through the use of boosting is legal if it is possible for the opposing team to defuse with such boosting. If the opposing team does not have enough players to boost to the location of the bomb, this is still legal.

Scripts are considered illegal if they give a player an unfair advantage. An example of a script that does
not give an unfair advantage is a buy script. An example of a script that does give an unfair advantage is a bunny-hop script. Any players found to use unfair scripting will be considered cheating.

In addition, players may not suicide at any point in the match on purpose. This includes running off of the map to kill oneself or to type "kill" in console. Intent of suicide will be left up to the interpretation of the admin responsible for reviewing each individual case.

The use of grenades over walls is legal.

The purpose of a gun game is to use the weapon(s) provided to level up, purchasing weapon(s), grenades or flashbang(s) are prohibited. Failing to comply with this rule will result in the forfeit of the map(s) that the violation happened on.

Non compliance with these rules may result in a forfeit loss.



Only team leaders or captains are allowed to use public in-game messages (messagemode1 or mm1) within a game. This rule also applies when dead. Use of mm1 by any member but the leader or captain could result in a forfeit, loss of rounds and/or loss of match. Other team members must only use team messages (messagemode2 or mm2) while in the game.

Only two captains from each team can use mm1 before and during the match. However, any amount of captains are allowed to participate in a match. There is no limit to how many captains may be on a team, but keep in mind that only two of them are allowed to use mm1.



Spectators may be allowed pending approval from both team captains. Spectators may include clanmates, shoutcasters, TeamWarfare administrators and/or 3rd parties. This should be cleared prior to match time as in game observers are not allowed if not cleared beforehand. TeamWarfare admins may be available to spectate and referee matches if a team desires. Requests for a referee should be emailed to the ladder admin as early as possible so arrangements can be made. There are no guarantees that an admin will be available to spectate a match, we will try however.

A TeamWarfare admin reserves the right to observe any TeamWarfare match without notification or approval. The admin's identity can be verified by contacting them on IRC during the match. Any attempt to impersonate a TeamWarfare admin will result in a permanent site ban.

Teams are encouraged to take the hour before reporting immediately after the match and review their own demos before filing a cheating dispute. Log the round number, side, and time that they believe the opponent was cheating and provide that information with the dispute. Cheating disputes without specifics may be thrown out.


IRC Info



TWL has a ZERO tolerance policy regarding Game Hacking. This rule covers players who use code to manipulate a particular game for the purpose of gaining an unfair advantage over other teams and players. Wallhacks, speedhacks and aimbots are just examples of the types of cheats covered by this rule.

"Testing" or "Trying out" Hack Programs will not be accepted excuses. Simply put "Do Not Install Hacks for any reason"


1. Hacker caught in TWL Match:

- forfeiture of the existing game
- Player Permanently banned from TWL.
- Team, Loss of rungs 20%. In cases of ladders having few teams they will be dropped to the bottom.

2. Hacker Caught in Match outside of the ladder (League match) or in a match outside of TWL:

- Player Permanently banned from TWL.
- Team, Loss of rungs 20%. In cases of ladders having few teams they will be dropped to the bottom.

3. Hacker caught in a Pub/Scrim :

- Player banned from TWL for 1 yr.
- 2nd Offense Perma Banned.This is globally cumulative. A pub ban on two separate games equals two offenses.
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